Wow if only it was that simply when I was shopping for my kids.

Well it is at All For Kids, Queenstown! We have opened our hire equipment service to help all you new parents out there.

Our aim is to allow you to hire for short term or longer if needed, items you would like to try out with your baby before you invest your money.

If I remember back to the wonderful shopping trips I made to buy baby items for my first born, I still get a few shivers now thinking of the amount of money spent on new items that only got used for a short while.

Our hire options allow you to avoid such situations and helps you to decide, what works and what doesn’t. Think of the money you can save by hiring off All For Kids, Queenstown and enjoy spending it on family outings, play groups, family trips or even YOU.

So let us help you to choose some essential items to get you started….

Speak soon