We know from great documented information and the NEW ZEALAND LAW that :

“All children aged under 7 years must be in a car seat that’s appropriate for their age and size. They must not travel in the vehicle if you can’t put them in an approved child restraint. This provides the best protection in a car crash, because the vehicle safety belt on its own doesn’t protect a small child. Your child may move to a booster seat before they turn 7. Keep using a booster seat to keep them safe. It’s the best protection for a child until they are big enough for the vehicle’s safety belt to fit correctly.” Plunket NZ

It’s Spring time and another baby boom is upon us. September, in fact the 30th of September is proven to be the most popular birthday in New Zealand, with a 13 day gap from 19th September to the 1st of October being the second most popular. Stats NZ

Car Seat/Restraint selection is crucial to the safety of your infant, but some of us are not fully aware that moving your child out of their car seat or booster to early can also be a safety concern.

The following web link will provide you with some great information on when and why to move your child from Car Seat to Booster. Child Restraint NZ

BUT, did you know that moving your child out of his/hers Booster Seat just because they turned 7 is not the best way to celebrate being a big kid. Car seat belts are designed for adults, and although the laws for Booster Seat ages are different through out the world, we believe at All For Kids that it is recommend that your child stays in their Booster Seats till they are 148cm tall. Keeping all kids and school kids in a safe seat Kids Health

“148cm remember, it’s about height not age: children are safer in a child restraint until they are 148cm tall” Safe Kids NZ

Please do your research before moving your child up or out of their Car Seat/Restraint or Booster, making space for a new addition can be easily accommodated with all the new car seats on the market. Here at All For Kids we offer all our families certified advise on Capsules and Bases, Car Seats and Booster Seats, we also offer our local families a Certified Free Car Seat inspection and re-fit if needed.

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