So its that time of year again and we are feeling the cold, the damp, the chill and soon the snow.

Have you found a blanket thick enough, yet small enough to cover your kids in their buggy?

Need an added level of snuggle and cosy to your capsule?

Plan to do some serious walking, hiking or shopping and need to keep everyone nice and toasties?

Silly Billyz Car Seat/Buggy snuggle bag has finally made it to our Retail. We love it at All For Kids, Queenstown as it is not only suited for our environment here, but pretty much anywhere. Thanks to is multi use the snuggle bag can start its life out in a capsule/car seat, then grow with your child to its buggy. In the summer we can take off a layer and make sure the liner keeps that buggy nice and clean.

Have you ever been caught out with an un-controlled spill, sick child or number 3 in the car seat/buggy? Having to strip it all down for an in depth clean? Why not have your inbuilt snuggle bag/buggy liner help you out, they are easy to clean and can be removed simply, leaving a clean and dry carseat/buggy behind.

So now we have your attention why not see what more you can do with your Silly Billyz snuggle bag.

Our Introductory price of $68 + $6pp NZ Wide (flat packed with box)

Colours available – Black, Navy (white lining), Red and  (Pink and Cinnamon optional)