** BPA Free

**Phthalate and PVC Free


Qubies are super easy, super clean and super simple reusable food pouches, it is a simple as that……

Kids love smoothies, pureed fruit/veg, mashed bananas, frozen yoghurt, soup and more, and with Qubies you can now store all this yumminess in an easy grab sealed Qubie in the freeze or fridge. Pop them in the microwave to warm up or simply let them thaw in your kids lunchbox, either way the Qubies rock.

Lots of our local families and mummies to be have been buying them off us for the last 2 years, so we thought it was about time you added them to your Christmas wish list. Super affordable for just $20 you get 10 pouches that are BPA free, Phthalate and PVC Free and can hold up to 200 mls.

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Do you struggle to add something litter free and easy to eat from in your kids lunch box, frozen yoghurt is great as it can keep cool and fresh in the lunch box on a hot day, ready to cool down the most active of kids. Need to have a soup heated or a small portion of beans or pasta, then the Qubie can be popped into he microwave and ready to warm kids up on a cold/wet day.

Our new mummies find the Qubies great for milk storage to, holding just the right amount for the average new born bottle, storing breast milk can be easier now, with the push tight strip, there will be no spillage either.

Get them in for the last of the summer fruits – puree down those delicious Apricots, Nectarines, Cherries, Blackberries etc – stock pile those amazing flavours for a great winter vitamin boost.

So with all of these simple ideas in mind, we present Qubies the reusable, resealable, re-heatable pouch – it travels with you…

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