The beauty of sleep….

We love it, we embrace it, we cherish it, we welcome it…. and sometimes it can be harder as a parent to have enough of it… The feelings are also felt by our little ones, not enough quality sleep can have a number of effects on their little world.

The Lulla Doll has certainly taken New Zealand by storm, and my little home town of Queenstown to. We have had sound asleep babies on the 1st night and  babies that are learning to bound with Lulla through touch, smell and sound. A beautiful journey to watch as Lulla is accepted into many families and provides a peaceful approach to sleep.

Lulla was designed in Iceland after many years. Playing a real heartbeat and breathing continuously for 8 hours,  scientific research showed how closeness improves sleep, well being and safety.

This unique research (patent pending design) was inspired by kangaroo care, the effects of heartbeat and breathing sounds, and the effects that smell, sight and touch have on babies and small children.

The core colour design for Lulla was to make Lulla unisex and unirace allowing babies to appreciate the kindness of a human like face.

Hypoallergenic, the outer layer is made from soft natural cotton with a ultra fine microfibre filling, allowing the absorption of smells from a parent, offering baby a good sense of security.

Lulla plays a real-life recording of the breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest. Her name is Gudrun, a mother of four and a Kundalini yoga teacher. Securing Lulla to your babies bed or allowing them to cuddle will offer the beginnings of a new chapter to sleeping soundly.

Lulla Doll, awaits a new embrace….