My Box – Bento lunch box is a simple but very clever design.

5 Compartments that all have a job to do, no leaks, heavy durable plastic that doesn’t hold odours and it can be cleaned in your dishwasher.

Being in home-base child care and 2 kids at school I have seen and used my fair share of lunch boxes. Many schools, kindie’s and daycare services are going litter free and what a wonderful way to start educating our next generation.

I as many parents have tried and tested numerous lunch boxes and set ups, but always seem to loose all the little containers, lids, broken zips, ripped covers,cracker plastic and so on. If you have been down this road you will fully understand, that they are not cost effective.

So My Box has certainly nailed it for my heavy duty very active boys. Its so strong – and yes its hit the playground floor a few times, keeps all the food in one place and Im so happy I don’t have to go through the lost property anymore on a container and lid hunt.

Not much more to say really, as it speaks for its self. So go off and do the maths on getting new boxes or simply replacing the lost containers and sandwiches bags. Trust me this will save you money in the long run – my running total for last term was $22.50 saved so the box has almost paid for its self and I don’t have to shop for next term.

As a bonus for every My Box sold we are adding in 2 FREE Qubies Reusable Food pouches – these are brilliant for the summer time.

Fresh fruit smoothies, frozen yogurts, berry surprise and so much more. Dishwasher and Microwave safe, you can now pack just a little bit more for your hungry one.