We are so very excited to add our Lay-Buy option for our amazing families.

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting and waiting for something you so desperately want, So to make life easier we have joined up with Lay-Buy, allowing you to order, Lay-buy but get your items now.

With orders over $200 you have the freedom to shop, knowing that you will get your items immediately just like normal day shopping, but with out the burden of paying it all out in one go. Spread over 6 easy weekly payments,  in direct terms and condition with our Lay-Buy supplier you have your goods at your finger tips.

Now naturally there are rules, terms and do’s and do nots, so please ensure you are aware of some of our basics below. Lay-buy will also have a dedicated terms and condition that apply to your order, that are available when you sign in with them.


  • AFK offers lay-buys with the following terms : ( products are subject to availability)
  •  Lay-buys are only available via the website, supported by the appropriate Lay-Buy Supplier
  • Terms and condition are agreed directly with the Lay-buy supplier and does not reflect on AFK in any means
  • Your payments are spread over 6 weeks, interest free.
  • Your order will be despatched only upon confirmation from the supplier Lay-buy supplier that all their terms are met and agreed.
  • Lay-buy pricing is based on the agreed published price at the time of order, this is not affect by further promotions, sales or special offers.
  •  Minimum order of $200
  • Layby does not guarantee that the product may be available immediately, should stock out sell then we will advise the next available date.
  • Items that are not available on Lay-Buy must be ordered and paid for separately.

You want to know a bit more about them before you click that order button, then please do read, feel comfortable, and we will see you when you have ordered

WHAT IS LAY-BUY  – click and find out