All For Kids, Queenstown has just taken delivery of an all weather indoor and outdoor playpen.  We are so excited to offer you this amazing playpen for hire, with the easy adaptability for  out doors and in doors play.

The Jolly Kidz brand is a popular product that All For Kids, Queenstown enjoys working with due to it ease of transport and assembly. We have several items on our website for hire, and the all weather playpen is just about to be added.

It measures 112 by 55 height and can be easily packed away when not in use or should you need to move accommodation or location. Made from durable all weather material it is easy to clean and can be left in the rain with not affect.

Ever wondered how to keep your little ones safe around a small paddling pool, the all weather playpen can certainly be a useful piece of hired equipment. Each side panel is removable and you can then close them to stop water access.

We have added some super soft mating to allow comfortable play when outside, so you can now place the playpen on grass, decking or concrete without your little ones getting hurt.

The play pen also offers great indoor play, a safe environment for your kids to play in if you are called away, or need to pop into the shower, empty the groceries from the car and more.

Why not give it a go and see for yourself…

The playpen will be available for hire as of March 1st 2014