So we have waited and waited since our last huge dumping of snow back in May, and as they say “Snow in May will never stay”.

Well its back now in full force.

Coronet Peak and Remarkable’s Snow Fields have seen some great dustings with the great big snowfalls also. Exciting news for all of us in Queenstown as we start our school holidays next week (7th July).

Our lucky Aussie families have been here already a week, so certainly have a good head start on us,but with more snow and Remarkable’s opening Thursday (3rd July) we will soon catch up.

Cardona has also seen a great snow fall and is offering some amazing kids programs this year, so be sure to check it out as they are well worth a visit.

Treble Cone, just that little bit further but also another amazing ski zone will open its mountain on (5th July) be ready for some serious slope runs there.

So with all these options on your door step this winter, be sure to make the most of your time here, Skiing and Snow Boarding are top of the list, but don’t forget to check out all our wonderful other activities down in and around town.

All For Kids Queenstown NZ has it all here at your finger tips, from Buggies, Cots to Ski pants/boots and sledges so why not add us to your holiday and make it even easier by letting us provide some of your family essentials. Delivery and Collection is always possible, right to your door, so you can rest assured this is a service you will be happy to have booked.

So we will see you all soon

All For Kids Queenstown NZ Team.