So you might have seen or heard of Shark Tank, well the Australian one produced the Charlichair. I remember sitting watching it thinking what a brilliant idea it was, no more back/knee pain leaning over the bath, cramped space for baby in the baby bath, worried hands when holding your baby in the shower and so many more things came to mind.

Well they got snapped up (excuse the pun) and the dream has become a reality.

Not one to let something great not be listed on our Retail and Hire site, we now have the Charlichair  available for all our visiting and local families to hire. And should you like it then buy it and take it home.

Suitable from new born to 17 kg, you can now fully interact with your baby while they enjoy a soothing shower, make it an activity of fun, or a time for quiet and peace either way the Charlichair will certainly help in supporting your baby safely during wash time.

For mothers who have experienced a ‘C’ section, this is a wonderful way to be with your baby close by, without having to over stretch and avoid further pain.

Grandparents can enjoy bathing time without having to lean over the bath.

Siblings can shower together, team effort and easier on parent time.

Take it camping/traveling for easy hygienic use.

Use in a steam shower to clear those colds away.

Ideas are endless.

Check out Charlichair