What ever side of the world you are on doing a “Spring Clean”, it is vital that you check your child’s car seat/restraint as often as possible.

Some very basic facts: Do you know your seats expiry date?, how to best dispose of your expired car seat, your seats life span ? and most importantly when to change your child seat.

We have done a little simple research for you, that will set you on the right way to checking some key points about your car seat/restraint.

All For Kids, Queenstown prides its self on its very popular and busy equipment hire, so you can imagine that sending out car seats/restraints in 100% working and legal order is a MUST for us, NZ Child Restraint Standards

Are you aware that some car seats/restraints have a use by date of 5 years, whereas some can go as long as 10 years. It is crucial that when buying your seat (or if you have bought one ) that you are aware of the life span of your seat/restraint.

These following interesting links are well worth a read – particularly on how to read your seats/restraints expiry date, how to dispose of a seat/restraint safety, what to do if the seat/restraint has been in an accident and Bella’s Story.

With the added increase of traffic on our roads these days, we cannot stress how important it is to have your child in the safest, best fitted/matched and 100% working order car seat/restraint possible.

Please take some time to have a read of the follow very helpful information.

NZ Child Restraints – Expiry dates – how to read them

NZ Child Restraints – After and accident and disposal

NZ Child Restraints – Lifespan time table

NZ Child Restraints – Cleaning your seat

To finish, we thought it important, to also share with you the amazingly useful advise that NZ Child Restraints provides about when to move your child into a Booster. Please do take time to view the clip at the bottom of the article, for Bella.

Moving into a Booster

Safe travels families

Note- If in doubt get your nearest Certified Car Seat Technician to help.