Buying a Buggy and Travel System does not need to be hard, stressful or even daunting. Let the excitement get involved, do your research, go out and try before you buy and talk to the experts in their field.

We have put together a few thoughts brought on from both personal experiences, customer feedback and local families, on some of the basics on buying NEW BUGGIES.

Ask your self the WHY, WHAT, WHO, WHERE AND WHEN questions and you will be surprised with what you up with.  A little bit of homework on what could be the biggest purchase of becoming a family, does pay off.

Practically, Adaptability, Lifestyle, Size and Comfort are some of the key areas to look at.

Here is little input:

WHY ?  To be able to travel from a to b in a practical comfortable manner.

WHAT ? Are you mainly a city walker or an all terrain user – picking the right buggy for the right terrain will make a lot of difference in its practicality and fitting in with your lifestyle.

Does the buggy offer good growth options ? Allowing you to add as your family extends, providing the whole package from new born to toddler and is it value for money ?

WHO ? Look at the users of the buggy, yourself , partner, husband, relatives, carer and your child/ren.

It is easier to buy the right buggy to suit your lifestyle then change your lifestyle to suit your buggy . Your child/ren must feel comfortable, secure and enjoy the buggy as well as you. Look for the adaptability the buggy has for the users making it suitable for everyone.

WHERE ? Look at your location, the place you live, the walks you do, the areas you visit, the travel you might do and storage.

The size of your buggy comes into play with all the above thoughts, you may live on a hill and need a lighter weight buggy, live by or visit the beach and need sand friendly tyres, easy access within shops and slim line folding for storage in the garage, car or under the stairs.

WHEN ? Affordability is key when looking at buggies, no need to spend thousands on the latest market trends, as not all of them may suit you now or in the future. Looking the part is not important but taking part is and for you to be able to do this , focus on what style of buggy that best works for you.

The first few weeks or motherhood are spent truly bonding with your baby, finding out how life works together, so buying a buggy early may not necessarily full fill what is required when the baby arrives, so look at all options.

All For Kids, Queenstown can help in many ways, our rental opportunity allows you to pre –try some of the popluar brands that are on the market, Mountain Buggy, Phil and Ted, Steelcraft, Milano,  and our BRAND NEW RETAIL LINE Edwards and Co.

Whether you are buying or looking to hire we are the experts in matching you and your baby with the best suited buggy for your lifestyle.