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LAY-BUY – Get it now, Pay later

      We are so very excited to add our Lay-Buy option for our amazing families. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting and waiting for something you so desperately want, So to make life easier we have joined up with Lay-Buy, allowing you to order, Lay-buy but get your items now. With orders over $200 you have the freedom to shop, knowing that you will get your items immediately just like normal day shopping, but with out the burden of paying it all out in one go. Spread over 6 easy weekly payments,  in direct terms and condition with our Lay-Buy supplier you have your goods at your finger tips. Now naturally there are rules, terms and do's and do nots, so please ensure you are aware of some of our basics below. Lay-buy will also have a dedicated terms and condition that apply to your order, that are available when you sign in with them. Laybys AFK offers lay-buys with the following terms : ( products are subject to availability)  Lay-buys are only available via the website, supported by the appropriate Lay-Buy Supplier Terms and condition are agreed directly with the Lay-buy supplier and does not reflect on AFK in any means Your payments are spread over 6 weeks, interest free. Your order will be despatched only upon confirmation from the supplier Lay-buy supplier that all their terms are met and agreed. Lay-buy pricing is based on the agreed published price at the time of order, this is not affect by further promotions, sales or special offers.  Minimum order of $200 Layby does not guarantee that the product may be available immediately, should stock out sell then we will advise the next [...]

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Litter FREE Lunchbox – Now thats already saved you money

My Box - Bento lunch box is a simple but very clever design. 5 Compartments that all have a job to do, no leaks, heavy durable plastic that doesn't hold odours and it can be cleaned in your dishwasher. Being in home-base child care and 2 kids at school I have seen and used my fair share of lunch boxes. Many schools, kindie's and daycare services are going litter free and what a wonderful way to start educating our next generation. I as many parents have tried and tested numerous lunch boxes and set ups, but always seem to loose all the little containers, lids, broken zips, ripped covers,cracker plastic and so on. If you have been down this road you will fully understand, that they are not cost effective. So My Box has certainly nailed it for my heavy duty very active boys. Its so strong - and yes its hit the playground floor a few times, keeps all the food in one place and Im so happy I don't have to go through the lost property anymore on a container and lid hunt. Not much more to say really, as it speaks for its self. So go off and do the maths on getting new boxes or simply replacing the lost containers and sandwiches bags. Trust me this will save you money in the long run - my running total for last term was $22.50 saved so the box has almost paid for its self and I don't have to shop for next term. As a bonus for every My Box sold we are adding in 2 FREE Qubies Reusable Food pouches - these are brilliant for the summer time. Fresh fruit smoothies, [...]

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So who is Lulla – The Lulla Doll

The beauty of sleep.... We love it, we embrace it, we cherish it, we welcome it.... and sometimes it can be harder as a parent to have enough of it... The feelings are also felt by our little ones, not enough quality sleep can have a number of effects on their little world. The Lulla Doll has certainly taken New Zealand by storm, and my little home town of Queenstown to. We have had sound asleep babies on the 1st night and  babies that are learning to bound with Lulla through touch, smell and sound. A beautiful journey to watch as Lulla is accepted into many families and provides a peaceful approach to sleep. Lulla was designed in Iceland after many years. Playing a real heartbeat and breathing continuously for 8 hours,  scientific research showed how closeness improves sleep, well being and safety. This unique research (patent pending design) was inspired by kangaroo care, the effects of heartbeat and breathing sounds, and the effects that smell, sight and touch have on babies and small children. The core colour design for Lulla was to make Lulla unisex and unirace allowing babies to appreciate the kindness of a human like face. Hypoallergenic, the outer layer is made from soft natural cotton with a ultra fine microfibre filling, allowing the absorption of smells from a parent, offering baby a good sense of security. Lulla plays a real-life recording of the breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest. Her name is Gudrun, a mother of four and a Kundalini yoga teacher. Securing Lulla to your babies bed or allowing them to cuddle will offer the beginnings of a new chapter to sleeping soundly. Lulla Doll, awaits a new embrace....

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23kg REAR FACING – Its that simple……

Its in every conversation you hear now about car seats, rear facing is best, and without a doubt you will agree 100%. Not only is it safer, smarter but all the crash test evidence will prove that.   In New Zealand we are working extremely hard to get the message across about the importance of rear facing your child as long as you possibility can, its crucial that you keep them out of harms way and become comfortable in the knowledge that you have done the best and safest options for your child's travel.   The Safety 1st Advance EX65 Air + offers you the simple answer - REAR FACING UP TO 23kg, now this is well into a child's 3rd year of age, and as the body is still developing and becoming stronger the rear facing installation protects them from harm and allows there development to grow stronger and stronger.   We have chosen this seat for 1 main reason it offers -REAR FACING UP TO 23kg its that simple...   For more details on the Safety 1st Advance EX65 Air+ take a look at our Car seat section on the website and you will be amazed the lengths they have gone to, to make this seat worth your investment.   To make it easier for you we have also made our opening price one not to be frowned at - grab it while you can this offer and these seats will not on sale for long. Happy Shopping

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Charlichair is here

So you might have seen or heard of Shark Tank, well the Australian one produced the Charlichair. I remember sitting watching it thinking what a brilliant idea it was, no more back/knee pain leaning over the bath, cramped space for baby in the baby bath, worried hands when holding your baby in the shower and so many more things came to mind. Well they got snapped up (excuse the pun) and the dream has become a reality. Not one to let something great not be listed on our Retail and Hire site, we now have the Charlichair  available for all our visiting and local families to hire. And should you like it then buy it and take it home. Suitable from new born to 17 kg, you can now fully interact with your baby while they enjoy a soothing shower, make it an activity of fun, or a time for quiet and peace either way the Charlichair will certainly help in supporting your baby safely during wash time. For mothers who have experienced a 'C' section, this is a wonderful way to be with your baby close by, without having to over stretch and avoid further pain. Grandparents can enjoy bathing time without having to lean over the bath. Siblings can shower together, team effort and easier on parent time. Take it camping/traveling for easy hygienic use. Use in a steam shower to clear those colds away. Ideas are endless. Check out Charlichair 

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Your local car seat retailer

Our team at All For Kids, Queenstown prides its self in making sure that all infants, toddlers and children travel safely today, tomorrow, next week and beyond. If you have not already seen our car seat retail section on our website www.allforkids.co.nz, then have a click and see what amazing BRAND NEW Car  Seats, Capsules, Boosters and Convertible Options we have, you will be suitably amazed. We have a wonderful reputation locally amongst our happy Queenstown, Arrowtown, Wanaka and Cromwell families, that we feel personally part of every journey they take, safe and secure. Our range covers from easy to use multi functioning seats from Evenflo ,right up to the luxurious Diono,  building all our brands through personal choice, research and family feedback. Our Certified Car Seat Technicians are always on hand to advise on our retail/hire seats, and the majority of the time we have the stock on hand for you to try before you buy. It is crucial that you get the chance to try your seat, as not all of them will fit all cars, so before you outlay your hard earn family cash, give us a call and see what we have available for a test run. Our new addition for 2016 is to give every family the chance to purchase the best cars seats with our Lay-by options ( terms and conditions apply).  Making safe travel even more affordable. Locally owned and locally run for our local families. Happy safe travels these school holidays. All For Kids Team

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Qubies – Reusable Food Pouches

  ** BPA Free **Phthalate and PVC Free   Qubies are super easy, super clean and super simple reusable food pouches, it is a simple as that...... Kids love smoothies, pureed fruit/veg, mashed bananas, frozen yoghurt, soup and more, and with Qubies you can now store all this yumminess in an easy grab sealed Qubie in the freeze or fridge. Pop them in the microwave to warm up or simply let them thaw in your kids lunchbox, either way the Qubies rock. Lots of our local families and mummies to be have been buying them off us for the last 2 years, so we thought it was about time you added them to your Christmas wish list. Super affordable for just $20 you get 10 pouches that are BPA free, Phthalate and PVC Free and can hold up to 200 mls.           Do you struggle to add something litter free and easy to eat from in your kids lunch box, frozen yoghurt is great as it can keep cool and fresh in the lunch box on a hot day, ready to cool down the most active of kids. Need to have a soup heated or a small portion of beans or pasta, then the Qubie can be popped into he microwave and ready to warm kids up on a cold/wet day. Our new mummies find the Qubies great for milk storage to, holding just the right amount for the average new born bottle, storing breast milk can be easier now, with the push tight strip, there will be no spillage either. Get them in for the last of the summer fruits - puree down those delicious Apricots, Nectarines, Cherries, Blackberries etc [...]

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Spring is in – but don’t rush to Spring out

We know from great documented information and the NEW ZEALAND LAW that : "All children aged under 7 years must be in a car seat that’s appropriate for their age and size. They must not travel in the vehicle if you can't put them in an approved child restraint. This provides the best protection in a car crash, because the vehicle safety belt on its own doesn’t protect a small child. Your child may move to a booster seat before they turn 7. Keep using a booster seat to keep them safe. It’s the best protection for a child until they are big enough for the vehicle’s safety belt to fit correctly." Plunket NZ It's Spring time and another baby boom is upon us. September, in fact the 30th of September is proven to be the most popular birthday in New Zealand, with a 13 day gap from 19th September to the 1st of October being the second most popular. Stats NZ Car Seat/Restraint selection is crucial to the safety of your infant, but some of us are not fully aware that moving your child out of their car seat or booster to early can also be a safety concern. The following web link will provide you with some great information on when and why to move your child from Car Seat to Booster. Child Restraint NZ BUT, did you know that moving your child out of his/hers Booster Seat just because they turned 7 is not the best way to celebrate being a big kid. Car seat belts are designed for adults, and although the laws for Booster Seat ages are different through out the world, we believe at All For Kids that it [...]

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Safety 1st – Welcome on board

It is with new excitement that we get to shout about our newest addition, Welcome Safety 1st to our ever growing retail section. There are already 3 of the great Safety 1st range listed and we will be adding more as the year goes on. Natural we are a bit selective on items, as we like to list those products we feel are mostly needed, mostly used and mostly affordable. Safety 1st- "Story begins in the early ’80s when our Founder, Michael Lerner was inspired to pursue a business opportunity in safety signs for car windows after a nerve-wracking trip driving his 18-month old nephew home. Today, our company which he named Safety 1st, continues to sell that original “Baby on Board” sign which has since graced millions of parents’ car windows. In the late ’80s, Michael found yet another opportunity to bring his passion for child safety into the home. At a time when products like outlet covers and drawer locks were relegated to odd corners at hardware stores and other hard to find spots, his vision transformed the juvenile products industry. He not only affected product innovation by creating new home safety solutions, more impactful packaging, and lower prices—he redefined distribution by capitalising on then emerging specialty chain retailers for baby products like Babies “R” Us. More than twenty-five years later, we have a proven track record of putting Safety 1st with mums and dads around the globe. Along the journey, we have created a notable history of “firsts”—creating not only a comprehensive line of childproofing products, but a robust line of juvenile offerings ranging from monitors to gear. Today we are a proud part of Dorel Industries. While our ownership and the [...]

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Diono Hire,Buy or come for a fitting

WELCOME Diono, to All For Kids, Queenstown, you are proving to be rather popular :) The Rainier, The Olympia, The Monterey2 and Accessories have all been listed as part of our retail, but what is most exciting is that The Olympia,   The Rainier and The Monterey2 are also available the Hire and try before you buy fitting.   Before you get as excited as we are, here is a little bit about Diono. "Diono products are the ideal solution for today’s “on the go” family, with state-of-the-art product designs that combine safety and convenience so that every family excursion can be the enjoyable experience it was meant to be. Since the very beginning, Diono has worked to solve the real worries and hassles that parents face everyday. Our first product, in fact, was born from a small but momentous family discussion following a documentary which demonstrated the consequences of improperly secured car seats in collision situations. Within the year, the purposeful kin had created a prototype that would come to be known as Mighty-Tite® — the world’s first and only seatbelt tightener — designed for ease of use and dependable peace of mind. Mighty-Tite went on to win the “Most Innovative Product” Award from Mother & Baby in 2002."   But wait here come the seats ....... "In 2005, Diono transformed the industry for a second time with the introduction of the Radian Car Seat, the first steel-reinforced folding car seat designed to make travel and storage more convenient than ever… then again in 2007 with the roll out of the Monterey booster seat, the first height- and width-adjustable child booster seat devised to accommodate children as they continue to grow up to 63 inches tall or [...]

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