Its in every conversation you hear now about car seats, rear facing is best, and without a doubt you will agree 100%. Not only is it safer, smarter but all the crash test evidence will prove that.


In New Zealand we are working extremely hard to get the message across about the importance of rear facing your child as long as you possibility can, its crucial that you keep them out of harms way and become comfortable in the knowledge that you have done the best and safest options for your child’s travel.


The Safety 1st Advance EX65 Air + offers you the simple answer – REAR FACING UP TO 23kg, now this is well into a child’s 3rd year of age, and as the body is still developing and becoming stronger the rear facing installation protects them from harm and allows there development to grow stronger and stronger.


We have chosen this seat for 1 main reason it offers -REAR FACING UP TO 23kg its that simple…


For more details on the Safety 1st Advance EX65 Air+ take a look at our Car seat section on the website and you will be amazed the lengths they have gone to, to make this seat worth your investment.


To make it easier for you we have also made our opening price one not to be frowned at – grab it while you can this offer and these seats will not on sale for long.

Happy Shopping